We offer the following services for your home landscape…

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Lawn Maintenance
This is were it all starts. Regular lawn maintenance includes mowing of all areas of turf with a recycling mower, edging along streets and sidewalks, trimming the grass around trees and bed areas, and blowing clean all of the paved surfaces. Basic maintenance for your lawn provided on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule during the growing season.

Bed Maintenance
We offer this as an optional service along with the Regular Maintenance. We will clean all bed areas of unwanted grass and weeds at every visit, keeping the beds neat all year round.  Please note we only offer this service when also scheduled for weekly lawn service.

Shrub and Bush Trimming
We offer periodic schedule shrub and bush trimming as well as by the hour when you need trimming.  .

Fertilization and Weed Control
We offer a year-round fertilization and weed control program. Without a complete system you won’t get acceptable weed control. Therefore, we do not offer any single weed control applications.

We can deliver and install a wide range of mulches for your bed areas. Mulch helps in many ways such as preserving moisture, regulating temperature, and preventing weed growth. It also helps the garden look its best.

Seasonal Flowers
We can provide and install beautiful seasonal flowers for the finishing touch to your home.

Fence Work – New, Repair and Stain
We also have a dedicated fence crew. We can build you a new fence, repair what you have, or stain a new or old fence. Check out it’s stand alone website www.fence-king.com

“Thank you for doing such a thorough, neat job. Your employees are very friendly.”
Susan B. ~ Keller