General Lawn Recommendations

There are 3 main aspects to lawn care which we can control. Mowing, Watering, and what I’ll call Modifications.

Of course weather, grass type, soil type, your neighbors, etc., also may affect your efforts. But since those are either out of your control, or beyond the scope of this discussion, we’ll stick to these 3. I want to point out some areas I often see homeowners struggling with.

1. Mowing. The main problem we see is that of too infrequent mowing. Removing more than 1/3 of the grass plant at one cutting is unhealthy and causes stress on the plant. Also excessive clippings don’t break down as quickly or as well. If you are looking for a nice lawn, you’re probably going to need to be mowing it weekly April-September.

2. Watering. The most common error I see most home owners making involves watering. Many people in an effort to save their lawns from the intense Texas heat are instead killing it. The best way to water is to water only when the soil is dry, and to water for as long as the soil can absorb the water. If water is running off, then there is no point in continuing. Longer watering promotes a deep soaking of the soil. The deep water in the soil will not dry out so quick like the shallower soil. Also deeper moisture encourages grass roots to go deeper to reach it. The deeper roots make the plant healthier and more able to withstand the heat and drought. So try to run your sprinkler as long as the lawn will absorb water, then wait until the ground is dry before doing it again. In the summer it might need it a couple times a week, other times maybe less. But it all depends on soil drainage, current root depth, etc. But the long, deep watering is more effective. It will save water too.

3. Modifications. As far as modifications go, grass plants need nutrients to be healthy. If you’re not providing them, don’t expect much from your lawn. And if you don’t want to have weeds, well that’s going to require some effort as well. And if your soil is compacted, don’t expect much from your other efforts.

We offer a 5 step fertilization program that covers the fertilzation and weed control basics. One of the most important aspects of applications is the timing. Certain weeds are only prevented or treated at certain seasonal or life cyle periods. If something is to be done about them it must be at the correct time to work. Having us do the applications will ensure they are made in the right timing.

Aeration also affects the effectiveness of fertilzation/weed control and watering. A lawn that is very compacted cannot benefit from the other measures utilized. Aeration helps to break up compacted soil letting water and nutrients enter the root zone more easily. And make the root zone easier for roots to expand and grow.