Here’s some of the places we do business with and why. I don’t get anything from these being here, I don’t think they even know they are here.  I just like them and wanted to put something about them on my website.

Keller Outdoor Power – We buy all our power equimpment here.  Great staff, great products, prices and selection.  They fix everything I can’t.  Great service department.

The Flower Ranch – We buy all our flowers here.  They give me a little break on the price which helps keep my prices down.  But I’d pay full price for their expertise, quality and selection.

Quick Trip – We go through alot of gasoline.  And we buy it all at QT.  Clean stores.  All the pumps always work, always give you receipts.  Always have hand towels, squeeges.  Cheapest gas around.  Great fleet credit program we use that makes it super easy for me and my crews to track and manage this expense.  Great for lunch on the run too.